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Monday, October 23, 2006

version 3 gumstix is up and running

spent a lot of time just trying to install a usable linux system. i only allotted 4gigs of space to the linux partition on my macbook, and apparently ubuntu doesn't have any kind of "minimal" install (the server one doesn't play nice with a triple boot machine), and i didn't have enough room to do the gumstix filesystem compiling.

so, i used parallels and spent a long time setting THAT up. finally got everything working and did the following:

- built filesystem for flash on gumstix, minimal boots pretty quickly (15secs)

- built filesystem for mmc card on gumstix including python, gcc, all libraries i need, and my custom-built python modules

- configured the gumstix and mmc filesystem for pivot-root booting

- planned out where personalsoundtrack code files will go and where music will go

- configured sound card stuff

- copied personalsoundtrack code from version 2 onto the mmc card

- got personalsoundtrack running on the version 3 setup!

so on the mmc card i have the filesystem image which is pivot-root'd after boot. then, i have all mp3's and personalsoundtrack code just sitting on the mmc card, and run it directly. that way, for synchronizing code or big edits, i don't have to work on the gumstix. i can just pop the mmc card into my macbook, edit all the personalsoundtrack code, put mmc card back into the gumstix, reboot it and in 15 secs i'm back to testing.


here's the setup: the serial board is the one with the grey cord coming out of it. that is only in place for development and is removed for the final product.


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