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Friday, October 27, 2006

bluetooth is up and running

bluetooth is up and running. i had stripped the filesystem that was stored on the flash memory to almost nothing, so that it would be VERY quickly. pivot-root'ing is very very fast, so the bottleneck is reading the initial filesystem off the flash ram (jffs2 woes).

anyway, turns out the bluetooth has to be enabled in flash filesystem in order for it to be loaded properly. my guess is, i could strip it out of the flash filesystem, and simply have a startup script that runs after pivot-rooting... in fact, maybe i'll do that.

ok so the point is, bluetooth is working!

next goal: offload accelerometer processing and logic onto a pic 16f648a and a PWM accelerometer. i'm a noob when it comes to pic chips, and i'll be writing in assembly (boo). i think i've got the serial code down, i'm going to try to head over to ACE tomorrow and test it out on the pic chip.


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