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Sunday, November 05, 2006

pic usart serial references

i hate when people don't post the references they used to learn something, so i'm going to post what i've been reading on pic serial stuff.

pic 16f648a datasheet (page +-75 is all the serial stuff)

bit-banger serial tutorial
very good walk through of how serial works conceptually. it's really important to understand how serial works, and not the half-assed way of knowing. sit and read through the first paragraphs of this tutorial.

explanation of common pic terms (CLK1, MCLR, RB7, TOCK1, VSS)
good for just learning what youre supposed to hook up to what.

BPS (bits per second) VS. Baud Rate
this is useful to understand in general. in fact, it's short, so if you're doing pic serial stuff, just read it. good to understand baud vs. bps.

connecting pic to a PC
in case you want to.


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