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The open-source music player that detects your walking or running speed and plays songs from your music library that match your pace. Song speed is adjusted in real-time to match subtle variations in your gait, while larger, deliberate pace changes cause the device to change songs. You simply put it on and begin moving; that's it.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

step detector!

so it's done. i have a full-fledged step detector.

final components:

3 capicators
1 resistor
1 led
1 accelerometer
1 pic chip
1 xtal (external oscillator)

it sends an alert out over serial when it detects a step, so that my gumstix board can interface with it.
code will be online soon.

here's a short video of the bread-board version in action (the LED lights up when a step is detected):


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