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The open-source music player that detects your walking or running speed and plays songs from your music library that match your pace. Song speed is adjusted in real-time to match subtle variations in your gait, while larger, deliberate pace changes cause the device to change songs. You simply put it on and begin moving; that's it.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Pictures of Nano-sized PersonalSoundtrack

so i was wandering around fry's yesterday, with personalsoundtrack jammed into a small clear plastic box, looking for a suitable case. i couldn't find anything small enough. i kept thinking to myself, i need some container the size of an ipod... hmmm... then it hit me: for a temporary solution, why not just buy an ipod nano case? brilliant.

went to the apple store and found a nice stretchy neoprene case by incase, that fits personalsoundtrack almost perfectly.
THIS IS NOT THE FINAL CASE! i have a demo on monday and for testing, it will be very easy to carry around like this. i'll be designing a custom case soon.

i'll also post pictures of personalsoundtrack without its jacket on later today/tomorrow.


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